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Does your business want to reach that elusive High School Family market?

Does your school need funding for a special activity or event?

Sponsorship America has created innovative ways to address the needs of businesses and, at the same time, benefit the High School Market and the Families of that market.

In 2010-11 over 7.2 million of the Millennials, Generation Y and baby boom children played high school sports. We maximize your visibility and make sure your marketing dollars are getting into the hands of the audience with the best returns on investments–the High School teens and the thousands of families and households in the state of Wisconsin. Today’s teenager is part of a highly influential $175B consumer market. One of the challenges for marketers is to cut through the intense advertising clutter in young people’s lives. Many companies are using “buzz marketing” to help a company to successfully connect with the teen market. Sponsorship America is creating its own buzz in this market. We are launching a new marketing tool to attract teens and their families—The Tournament City Card. This card is “teen savvy”. To activate the card, a “text” is sent to a special number using their cell phone. The TC card will allow teens and their families to enjoy discounts at the mall, restaurants and lodging